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Two of Wands


You hold energy that has the potential to force a significant change, one that will impact not only your life but also the lives of those around you. With this power comes great responsibility! Yes, you could seize control, call all the shots, and make bold decisions, however in doing so, what will be the outcome? Can you devise incentives that will win others over, or will you simply grab what you want without consideration?


When the Two of Wands appears, it is time to check in with your higher-self as it may be your chance to hold the world in your hands. Let your inventive mind explore avenues that will allow you to achieve the goal of being in charge without becoming a brute or a bully. The Two of Wands in a reading may indicate what your situation requires is a bold, decisive decision. It may just be your moment in the sun to capture a much-coveted opportunity.

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