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Two of Swords


Afraid of slipping and uncertain of what will happen, the cat focused its gaze away from the blades that kept it propped up and out to the sea.

When the Two of Swords appears, you may need to take a moment to examine if you are avoiding a difficult situation. Are you ignoring a task because it seems insurmountable or because you lack enough information to make an informed decision? Is there something that scares you so much that dealing with it would mean you would have to accept the fact that there is a real chance you may actually have to face a worst-case scenario, and because of that avoidance seems like the best solution?


The Two of Swords may indicate inaction as a result of not understanding all the options; you may need to make a decision, however, without clear and concrete information, you may hold off out of fear of being too impulsive. If you have all that is required to move forward and don't take action, you may want to consider if you are holding back out of prudence, or have you created reasons that have roots not in fact but rather in fear?

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