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Three of Swords


Look into the cat's eyes, and they will tell you that although the pain is genuine and her heart is shattered, she is one to not give her deceiver the gratification of seeing her weep.

When you find your trust has been betrayed, the Three of Swords is usually not too far behind. Whether it is a cheating partner, a co-worker who stabbed you in the back, or a friend who decided to call it quits, the energy of the Three of Swords is one that often leaves us feeling a stiff, sharp sting to the heart. Depending on the reading, however, the Three of Swords may indicate no matter how gentle you may think you are being, the other person's perception may be that of an attack. Like the cat, you too know the painful truth, and the Three of Swords appears as a reminder that out this situation, you also will find strength. The first sword may have created awareness, the second sword confirmed what you already knew, and the third sword, well, that is the one you will use to cut the cord and sever the relationship. You have the power to free yourself so that the healing process can begin.

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