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Three of Cups


The cats of the Three of Cups join forces to engage in a little fun, some play, some comradery that strengthens their relationship. Sure they may be making a great deal of a mess, but they are doing so together as a single unified group.

The Three of Cups represents the emotions you experience when working together in a cohesive group, one that you find enjoyable and stimulating. In this space, your feelings are nurtured, you can allow yourself to be vulnerable without fear as compassion and understanding create the perfect atmosphere for self-expression to blossom. If you have an obstacle to hurdle or a big project that has been looming over your head and the Three of Cups appears, you may want to look to your community, to those whose support you value to help you on your path to success. There is no reason for tasks to be burdensome or tedious when they can fun and even an excuse to get together! Seek out those who fill your heart and who are more than eager to lend a hand, not only will you overcome the obstacle you will have a fun time doing it!

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