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The Tower


It could be the loss of a job, a partner who wants a divorce when you thought things couldn't be better, being forced to move from a home you love, be ready because something is about to change. When the Tower is present, be aware that a significant shift is not too far behind, and your world is going to go through a significant shakeup. The Tower challenges you to face the fears associated with change as your adaptability will be tested. Areas that you once considered stable will break down. Are you able to perceive a life that is dramatically different than the one you are in at this time? When the walls begin to crumble, will you desperately try to put them back together in an attempt to salvage your comfort? Or will you view this event as an opportunity to grow as a new life is on the horizon? Either way, you are going to be forced to make a decision, get out of your comfort zone, and take action or become buried by the past.

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