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The Magician


You have everything you need at this moment in time to create something, to spark a change—to shift a situation. Much like the caterpillar, you can transform your life—to fly if you like, but you will need to do the work. The caterpillar doesn't roll over one day after being tired of climbing up and down trees and say, "Universe I'm ready—turn me into a butterfly now." No, it creates the perfect environment, and now is the time for you to do the same. The Magician asks that you get a clear vision in your head for what it is you wish to achieve. When you have a precise understanding of what the goal is, you will then be able to pull together the resources and take the action needed to achieve it. It's time to make some magic happen. When the Magician appears, you may need to consider if you are not taking an active role in achieving the outcome your desire.

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