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The Hierophant


The energy of the Hierophant signals a connection to others who share your traditions and beliefs. Whether or not that is a place where you find comfort is another story. You may feel trapped by what your culture or family history expects of you, or on the other hand, it may provide a sense of belonging. The Hierophant may also appear as a reminder for you to attain a connection to something bigger than yourself and to join with others who you can learn and grow with. When the Hierophant appears, you may want to consider if you are allowing beliefs from your past to impact the decisions you make today—are they helping or holding you back? Depending on your current situation, you may benefit from taking a tried and true approach, no need to reinvent the wheel! However, it may be that traditional thinking that is causing the block. Consider how the energy of The Hierophant impacts your current situation is it time to follow the rules or make your own?

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