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The Emperor


The Emperor brings no-nonsense energy to a situation and is present to help you find clarity without allowing emotions to muddy your vision. The Emperor holds us accountable for our actions, and if we stray off the path or become distracted, he is there to swiftly enforce a course correction. Although his presence can be intimidating, if you are operating from a place that honors your best self at the moment, he will be there to help guide you to success. Pay attention to what stirs within when you encounter the powerful and wise Emperor because what you sense is a signal of his ruling.


In a reading, the Emperor may indicate that you have some unfinished business that needs to be attended to before you can move forward. Is there something you have been neglecting or putting on the back burner to avoid discomfort? The Emperor is here to make sure all tasks, even the ones we don't like get done!

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