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Ten of Wands


No matter how much the cat tries to extend itself, the goal is out of reach. To make matters worse, with each attempt, the cat weakens the structure of the wands—creating more instability for the nest as well as a reason for the bird to fly off. If the cat was more clever, perhaps it wouldn't need to try so hard.

The Ten of Wands indicates a situation you had hoped to move through smoothly will encounter some opposition, and what should have been an easy task will turn out to be an exhausting burden. You may need to examine if you are taking on too much at one time or creating more work than what is required.


Are you trying to do more than your personal bandwidth will allow out of sheer stubbornness, or perhaps you are the one left doing all the work while others rest? If you are feeling as though every step forward sends you are sliding back two, you may need to tackle your goal from a different angle, look for creative solutions that will ease your day.

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