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Ten of Swords


Alone at the bottom of the cliff consumed by pain, the impaled cat can not find the strength to move—as the weight of the swords are too heavy. It is time for the cat to admit that it is time to let go of this life so that another can begin.

I think we can all agree here, no one likes to see the Ten of Swords in a reading!


This card brings with it an energy of anguish that comes from hitting rock bottom. It means feeling disconnected and detached from help—not only are you suffering, but you are also alone. The kicker here is until you accept this position and respect it for what it means; this is where you will stay. But there is hope! Once you acknowledge your circumstances, you have the capability to draw power, to make choices, to take action that will help you rise up. For some, the Ten of Swords points to defaulting to victim-hood. This card in a reading may appear with the purpose of opening your eyes to a situation where you are blaming something or someone else without taking personal responsibility. Or, are you playing the martyr because it attracts attention, are you self sacrificing because it feeds a desire to be accepted?

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