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Ten of Cups


Life is good. There is happiness to experience if you allow it in. The kittens join together under a rainbow to experience the beauty and abundance of life, one that is not marred by fear or feelings of discontent.


The Ten of Cups, the bliss card, asks that you seek a space of peace, a place where you can cultivate the powerful feeling of complete and utter joy. You may find your happy spot is with friends, others may turn to family for feeling nurtured and supported, wherever you go, the call right now is to seek out a situation that fills your soul, one where you are a treasured member of the community.

When the Ten of Cups appears, it is a signal abundance, and good fortune is waiting for you. You may want to consider areas in your life that would benefit from letting go of any grudges as the call is to connect and cultivate relationships that create bonds of love and acceptance. You may also want to consider your role in creating a space for others as you have an abundance of bliss to share.

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