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The moment has come for you to face a difficult situation not with a heavy hand or grand demands but rather with a lighter, more compassionate approach. You have within the power to endure this challenge, as it is not larger than your strength.

Allow time to compose your courage, conjure up grace, and know with complete conviction that you have all that it takes to succeed without needing to dominate anyone or anything. When you practice patience over frustration, love over anger, kindness over hate, you will find not only will your plan succeed beautifully, you will be seen as a rock, as someone dependable and gracious despite the obstacle or adversity. We all have moments of strength that help us get through difficult situations. It may be holding your tongue while an in-law spews on about the latest political news. It may be offering a little kindness to an over-worked and stressed out customer service rep you encounter while trying to make a return. Holding back is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary, it is your strength!

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