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Six of Swords


Cast adrift on a log, the cat contemplated its future and although it should have been worried about not knowing how to swim and moving out into open water—strangely it wasn't. If anything, a sigh of relief washed over as it moved away from the choppy waves.


The Six of Swords may enter your reading as a sign that a new journey is about to begin. This may indicate a physical voyage, or it may point to one that starts within. Change is afoot, and it will eventually lead you to a more desirable opportunity, it may not be so evident at first but have faith you are on the road to somewhere worthy of such a long trip. In a reading, be aware of how fear and self-doubt come together in your mind as they join forces to create thoughts that will bring on depression. Although events are progressing and you are moving forward to a more favorable position, harboring feelings of regret will only reinforce the sadness that will create pockets of stagnation. Each day will bring you that much closer to feeling whole and optimistic—now is not the time to lose hope.

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