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Seven of Pentacles


The cat sits on a stump and ponders all that it has accomplished. Admiring all its conquests neatly hidden in the bush, it can't help wonder if there is more to be had. Has it done enough to plan for the future?

When the Seven of Pentacles appears, you are asked to assess your progress thus far. Are you happy with what you have accomplished, or is there still work to be done? This is not a time to take action but rather consider what steps will benefit you in the future. Your instincts may tell you to go after the immediate reward or to hunt for something new; however you will be better served by taming wild thoughts and take a moment to relax. When you appreciate all the hard work and the resources you have amassed so far, you will find harmony. This is not to say that you are ready to retire or call it quits; on the contrary, you are taking merely a short break to appreciate the life you have created. Can you identify areas of life where you have made significant progress? You may want to consider if you are still on your original path or if you have veered a bit with time. A project or situation may benefit from taking a new approach, now is the chance to take stock in what you have invested and if the returns you had once projected are pleasing.

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