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Queen of Wands


Against the darkness, the optimistic Queen of Wands radiates a warm, bright light that attracts others to her. While in her presence, you can feel her positive energy as she is a natural leader who pulls out the best of all those she encounters.

When the Queen of Wands appears, you may need to examine if your current situation could use some royal help. Are you treating your body well and nourishing it with healthy foods? Are you confident, or are you easily rattled by any opposition? Can stand firmly maintaining poise and conviction? If you have been feeling low-energy, the Queen of Wands may appear as a reminder that small changes in your diet and attitude can create dramatic results. When you feel healthy and powerful on the inside, that energy will magically create an aura around you that others will find attractive and when the time comes you will readily have the support you need to accomplish any goal.

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