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Queen of Swords


When I think of the Queen of Swords, the phrase that comes to mind is, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." This is one lady who has experienced life from the high points on down to the low. Because she is well-rounded, she isn't going to let anyone pull one over on her—without getting an earful.


When you encounter the Queen of Swords in a reading, you are asked to approach your situation from her perspective. If you have a difficult decision in front of you, you may want to consider if you're honest with yourself or others? When faced with an obstacle or challenge, are you able to quickly and accurately assess what needs to be done? Although she may come off a bit cold and distant at times, if you are feeling too emotionally invested, you may need to retreat inward until you can be objective. The Queen's sharp intellect brings the gift of wit and humility. Even when things appear grave and sober, she has a knack for finding the humorous side of any situation. If you are agitated by another person's position, are you taking the whole situation too seriously, including yourself?

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