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Queen of Pentacles


The Queen of Pentacles brings a warm, loving, protective energy to a reading. When she is present, you can almost feel her soothing reassurance that everything will be just fine. The Queen is a mother who guarantees that all of her children are well-nourished, mentally, and physically as they never need to worry about being out in the cold or without resources. She views her position in this world as one to help others create a sense of grounding, of feeling rooted and secure. She knows to move forward, to take chances, to go after dreams we all need to know that we are protected, that even in failure, we will find acceptance.


When the Queen of Pentacles appears, your situation may receive some much-needed support from a nurturing, resourceful person who wants nothing more than to see you prosper. You may want to consider if it is your turn to step into the shoes of the Queen and offer others an opportunity to feel secure. Are you generous? Is there someone who needs your support? You may also find connecting with others becomes a bit easier when you take on the Queen's persona as her presence is unpretentious and welcoming. She genuinely loves interacting and getting to know those she encounters.

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