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Page of Swords


The ambitious young cat opens its mouth and cries out for change. It knows what is wrong and pleads for others to break away from the herd mentality. The question is, however, will anyone listen?


The Page of Swords carries childlike, idealistic energy. It almost too eagerly points out problem areas in our lives—however, finding the solutions is squarely up to you. When this bright-eyed cat comes calling, you may need to face a situation that you have been avoiding. Know that you have within you the ability to find clear answers if you are open to acknowledging the problem. Now is not the time to shy away or feel discouraged! When you remove the blinders and are honest with your self the answers you need will pop into your head. When you see the Page of Swords in a reading, you may want to consider if the situation is one that just needs a little extra time and devotion? Are you slacking or not giving something your full support? The Page of Swords brings with it the message to stay optimistic because you have within the power to tackle something that you may have been avoiding.

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