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Page of Pentacles

The young cat spots a shiny pentacle in the tree full of birds. Although the birds would make an excellent distraction, it is the pentacle that calls the cat's attention.

The Page of Pentacles suggests an exciting new opportunity is coming your way, one that will provide you with abundance and financial rewards. Trust your instincts as you will sense when the time is right to proceed. Whether it be a new job or a new hobby that becomes a significant source of income, something is about to open up, and the question is—will you be ready to take action? When you apply yourself and utilize all the resources at your disposal, you will discover success is not too far behind. Although work on your part is required for you to flourish, the effort you put in today does not need to break your back. There will be no struggle. When you apply common sense solutions will appear easily at this time. If your dream job opens up, take a moment or two to go over and update your resume. If you finally found a hobby, you absolutely love, dive in and learn all you can. The Page of Pentacles is offering you a gift, one that will allow you to control your fate, to transform a dream into a reality. Daydreaming may have opened the door for you to see the potential out there, but now is the time to get to work!


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