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Page of Cups


In the bathroom, the young cat allowed its creative mind to play and expand. The walls opened up, the floor turned to sand, and rising up out of the tub was a cup holding a fish that spoke. The Page of Cups brings a youthful, child-like energy to your situation. When you open your heart to the possibility of the unknown, to perhaps a little fantasy, your higher-self will send inspiration and ideas. In these visions, there are signals and messages—pay attention to your intuition at this time!


The Page of Cups brings the message to release from feelings tied to cynicism and allow love and intimacy to open your heart because doing so may unlock an opportunity to connect with someone who may hold the solutions for current obstacles. The Page of Cups may also indicate a new romance is beginning to emerge, can you feel a tug in your heart when in the company of someone who you really never thought too seriously of in the past?

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