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Nine of Wands


The goal is so close! You can see the end, it is in your view, and because of this, your passion and perseverance may be especially strong.

Perhaps you, like the cat of the Nine of Wands, have made it across a problematic situation, one that may have left you feeling hung out to dry from time to time. Although there may have been setbacks that caused you to pause or contemplate your next move more carefully, you are well on your way to reaching a successful conclusion.

Events from the past that may have left you feeling less than confident will always rise and shake your resolve. Whether it be this challenge or the next, The Nine of Wands is a reminder that with every journey, there will be obstacles, there will be times when the waters are rough as well as smooth. Allow yourself time to rest, but stay on course as your momentum will keep the fire within burning.

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