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Nine of Pentacles


Sitting in the warm sun, the pampered cat spends its afternoons in a state of luxury and leisure. There is no need to pounce on the mouse as that would be an act reserved for low brow alley cats or those less civilized who enjoy hunting mice for dinner.

The Nine of Pentacles indicates you are in the position to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let go of the purse strings a bit and splurge a little! Instead of sticking to the same old dinner, perhaps go someplace a little fancy and order something special. Treat yourself to a day of experiencing life as the other half lives, even if that means doing something small like indulging in an expensive chocolate bar. The goal is to slip into the feeling of having complete and total financial freedom as that will open the door for you to attract more reasons to feel abundance. When you apply the energy of the Nine of Pentacles to your current situation, you are asked to take an approach that is refined. This is not time to lower your standards or allow others to assign your social standing. Rise up, hold your head high, and know that you have the grace, the discipline, and the confidence to sit at the most prestigious of tables!

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