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Nine of Cups


The clever and perhaps some would argue lucky cat found its way through a peaceful garden where it discovered a river teeming with fish. The cat appreciated the gift the Universe bestowed and basked in the warm light of the sun, knowing that it would always feel comfortable as the river provided the promise of a regular meal. The Eight of Cups speaks to feeling completely and utterly secure, you have achieved your desire! There is no need to fret or allow fear of scarcity or lack to disrupt your day, as you have at your disposal all that you have wished for. I find the Nine of Cups carries giddy energy, one that leaves us with that pleased as punch feeling, and because of this, it is natural to focus only on our success while at the same time create a space for others to experience jealousy. Be aware if you slip from a state of gratitude over to one of being smug as it could impact relationships.


When you see the Nine of Cups appear in a reading, it may be time to direct your attention over to areas where you have found success as that will create within a powerful feeling that will attract more opportunities for you to realize bigger and bolder dreams.

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