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Knight of Wands


The cat that runs with horses does so with an adventurous overly-confident spirit, one that is bold and, at times, reckless. If not careful, its cockiness may blind the cat to the fact this foolish act could very easily result in it being trampled.

The Knight of Wands brings passion and a drive to move forward regardless of the consequences. If you have been feeling on the fence and need a boost of energy, the smooth-talking, alluring, daredevil that is the Knight of Wands will gladly give you the lift in confidence you need. As in all Knight cards, balance is required. When the Knight of Wands rides in, your situation may benefit from a check-in. Ask yourself if your ego is on full-throttle to the point that slowing it down could take some effort. Are you self-assured, or are you a brute? Are you using your charm to smooth over a situation, or are you using it to manipulate others to do your bidding or allow you to be irresponsible?

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