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Knight of Swords


When the cat saw the crow, it did not pay attention to the horse as its focus was purely on the prize. Without a second glance, it knew with complete certainty that the moment was right to pounce. There was no delay, no hesitation, no second-guessing, and with a leap, the cat took to the air without considering how the horse might react.


Sharp-witted, sharp-tongued, the Knight of Swords understands precisely the situation and how to execute the plan. The only problem—his manner of getting things done is often viewed as brash and rude. If he knows that you are wrong, not only will he tell you—he will find some clever way of cutting you down. If you ask him for an honest answer, that is exactly what you will get, and it may be delivered in a way that will make wish you never asked. When the Knight of Swords appears in a reading, your situation may desperately need a dose of reality whether or not it hurts your feelings. If it is you who is stepping into the role of the Knight of Swords, you may want to consider if your bluntness is helping the situation or are you isolating yourself from those around you by being overly hyper-critical.

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