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Knight of Pentacles


You have planted the seeds, now it is time to ensure they grow strong and healthy. The Knight of Pentacles brings an energy that supports a robust work ethic, one that is focused and determined to see a task to completion. It is an energy that will help you persevere during the dark times, and will keep you from making any quick or rash decisions out of fear. When the Knight of Pentacles arrives, your situation may require a more careful or prudent approach. You may want to consider if you have thoroughly examined all the information and if your expectations for the outcome is realistic. This Knight may be a workhorse, but he is far from flawless, and you may want to ask yourself how the energy of the Knight is impacting your situation. Are you cautious, or are you holding back out of fear? Are you paving a path or staying in the lines because it is safer there? Is your determination nothing more than an act of stubbornness because you can't let go of something that is failing? When in balance, the Knight of Pentacles will ensure the task is well attended to, without corners being cut or letting impatience get in the way. You will be able to keep a steady work pace while at the same time allow events to unfold at their natural pace.

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