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King of Swords


When I think of the King of Swords, I think of the ideal college professor—one who inspires, and possesses a dry sense of humor, the one that makes us want to be better than the day before.


When you encounter the King of Swords in a reading, you are asked to behave and take action that reflects his energy. Are you clearly articulating your goals or plans to those whose approval is required? Or maybe you need to lead a meeting at work, are you ready to keep the room engaged and focused on your ideas? Does everyone understand your position with crystal clarity? The King of Swords asks that you take a fair-minded and honest approach to encounters. If your situation requires you to argue your case or defend your position, you will be best served by being impartial and straightforward—you will be heard, and the ruling will be just. Although the King's focus is on finding the most advantageous and logical outcome, he is not without compassion as he is capable of understanding the numerous layers of even the most complicated problems.

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