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King of Pentacles


The King of Pentacles has that magic Midas-touch, and if his sights are on a new project, rest assured it will be a smashing success. He is an entrepreneur who puts his money down without hesitation because he knows within him resides the skills, determination, and mental clarity to succeed. When he commits to a task, he is dependable and keeps his promises. Although others possess similar qualities, the King of Pentacles will use his resources freely without fear, or attachment and that sends a powerful message to the Universe—he is open and receptive to attracting abundance; he can easily let go so more can come in.


When this generous enterprising gent appears in a reading, it may be your turn to encourage others by offering your support. When you volunteer your time and resources, you will be pleasantly rewarded. If there has been friction lately, you may also want to consider if you have been meeting all your commitments, have you been reliable as others may be depending on you? Are you clutching your purse tightly, or are you perhaps giving a little extra when you can? The King of Pentacles lives in a state of constant abundance because he knows when he applies his talents, uses his vast array of skills the Universe will always provide!

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