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The High Priestess asks that you quiet your mind and tune into the energy of the Universe. It is time for you to allow the messages to break through any chatter that may have created a block between you and the spiritual realm. Like a cat, the High Priestess travels softly alongside you and only makes herself known when the time is right. Her messages may feel like nothing more than a brush against the leg, but they are there to guide you. When you connect with the energy of the High Priestess, you will know if the direction or decision you are making is in alignment with the vibration of the Universe. In a reading, the High Priestess is a call to step back and withhold taking any action. She brings a wait and see vibe to your situation. There is no need to rush in, no need to act impulsively as you will know when the time is right to pounce!

The High Priestess

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