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Four of Swords


To combat the fear of missing out, the young cat created a barrier between itself and the cats that sit on the window sill. There is much mischief to be had from going outside; however, at this time, the young kitten knows what is needed most is a good long catnap.

We have all been there, right? A friend calls wanting you to go out after a hard, exhausting day, and despite the heavy eyelids, you find yourself desperately trying to muster up that extra burst of energy. The Four of Swords serves as a reminder that you need to honor your body and pay attention to the cues it is sending. When we take a moment to step back, the energy of the Four of Swords steps in, and we gain a better understanding of the motives behind what's pushing us into action despite feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. In a reading, the Four of Swords may indicate your situation will benefit from slowing down or disengaging until you feel 100% mentally and physically up to the task.

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