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Four of Pentacles


As I write this, we are at the beginning phase of a global pandemic. You can see the energy of the Four of Pentacles as it creates a need for people to feel in control of their environment and their livelihood. Hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer generate a feeling of stability, however, in doing so, those in need go without. It is all an attempt to maintain the status quo when the world around us has become unbalanced.

The Four of Pentacles in a reading may suggest that you are too fixated on an idea that keeps your finances at a comfortable level even though a slight change may cause temporary volatility; it would, in the end, prove to be far more beneficial later. It's a failure to see the big picture because all that you can focus on is the chance for loss. If you are clinging on to an old way of doing things, your situation may benefit from taking a new or modern approach. For example, your company implements a new system, and as a result, you fight tooth and nail against it because it forces you out of your comfort zone. Letting go of the old processes can cause feelings of disconnection and distress; however, once you accept change, you will find more opportunities for growth.

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