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Four of Cups


One morning while walking my pup Layla she was so focused on finding the perfect place to her business she didn't notice a perfectly plump squirrel was running right towards us without hesitation. She was so consumed by her own wants and needs that the potential mid-morning snack was invisible to her! Layla was having a full-blown Four of Cups moment!


Although going inward and focusing on ourselves is an essential step for self-care, there must be a balance; otherwise, we easily slip into a state of apathy. Are you taking a moment to reflect on life, or have you lost interest, and getting off the couch seems like too much work? Although the Four of Cups may suggest an opportunity might pass you by as a result of being disengaged, it may also indicate that you have reached a point in your life when you become aware that not every opportunity needs to be seized. When the Four of Cups appears, check in with your heart. Is it in balance? Are you able to dream of the future while at the same time feel content with where you sit?

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