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Five of Swords


To show the dog who is the true alpha of the house, the cat parked itself in the middle of the dog bed. The poor pup couldn't even get close enough to get its ball back.


The Five of Swords creates trouble, it is an energy that flourishes during tense situations. Whether it is a boss that pits two co-workers against each other for the sheer pleasure of watching the events play out, to the friend who makes it their mission to steal your latest love interest. When you see the Five of Swords, someone is using their power as a weapon, or playing to win and doing so in a way that is more often than not dishonorable. The aggressor may try to rationalize their position by saying that they are only looking out for their own best interest; someone is going to end up on the top, right? The Five of Swords asks you to examine your values. Would you do anything to ensure that you are on the winning side, even if that entails compromising your integrity? Although there are times we need to put ourselves first, you will know when the Five of Swords is near as the victory will hollow.

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