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Five of Pentacles


The cats of the Five of Pentacles find themselves out on the street, without a home or caring family. The rain begins to come down, but they stay on the road. Although there are buildings and the possibility of shelter, they worry if getting too close would put them in danger, they can't risk being caught and taken to a shelter where they will most likely be separated.

When the Five of Pentacles appears in a reading you may want to consider if you are doing all you can to protect your health and well-being. Are you working double shifts, not sleeping and eating a poor diet? Eventually, something is going to give, and if it is your health, you may find working the extra hours impossible, and there the downward spiral begins. Could your situation benefit from taking a much-needed break, can you take time to appreciate the abundance of beauty and resources that are available to you at this time? Consider connecting with others who can empathize with your situation. When you connect with others who have been where you are today and have moved on to a better life, you will find comfort and inspiration. You may be experiencing concern around acceptance, but please know that there is relief. The key is to connect, to find support as that will help you overcome feelings of isolation.

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