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Five of Cups


If the cat hadn't been playing with the cups, then they too would have been in place to receive the milk. The brief moment of joy that resulted from the sound of metal clanging against each other was quickly lost as the cat became aware the cups would be missed and, as a result, remain empty.


The Five of Cups may have you questioning what may have been, where did you fall short, or where did you let yourself down? Is your attention on a situation that is over and can not be undone, yet still in your mind and in your heart you relive each and every mistake you made? The Five of Cups carries a heavy energy centered around feeling consumed by loss. You may have experienced a setback a work, a relationship may have ended, or you may have lost a possession that meant a great deal to you. Agonizing over something that is out of your control only keeps you in a state of pain. The Five of Cups is a reminder that there is more out there; you have reasons to feel happiness once again; however, you will need to figure out how to redirect your attention so that you can see and appreciate them.

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