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Eight of Swords


Unable to see and terrified of what the heavy rain might do to its small body, the kitten felt powerless. It wanted to run, to dash out from under a small bush, but fear of the unknown kept it hunkered down in place as it could not be sure another source of shelter existed.


The energy of the Eight of Swords makes itself known when you are feeling that sense of despair with no vision for a solution. It may be you one day realize you have amounted a great deal of debt, and as the calls from collectors come, you feel buried and unable to create a path out. It's that energy that keeps you demotivated from taking ownership and action and instead leaves you feeling helpless and confused over what to do next. When the Eight of Swords appears, you may need to consider if you about to enter into a situation that may create restriction down the road. A job or relationship that may have you negotiating away a little power today may lead to feeling trapped in the future. The key is to remember that you will always have choices available to you, and although it may require removing the blindfold when feeling stuck, taking chances will rebuild your confidence and power.

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