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Eight of Pentacles


The cat of the Eight of Pentacles is a bit of a perfectionist as it grooms itself until not a single hair is out of place, and only then will it be perfectly suitable to go outside.

The energy the Eight of Pentacles is one of not settling for second best, for putting in the work, and learning as much as you can before calling something complete. Just as some situations require us to go inward to find the solution, the Eight of Pentacles indicates that now is the time to work on your skills, your abilities. Is your craftsmanship up to snuff? Whether it be a creative project or even a relationship, if the goal is to create a perfect situation, you may wish to inquire about taking classes or learning how to improve what you are already doing. Of course, perfection is often the enemy of good, and in a reading, you may want to contemplate if you are allowing the notion that you are not skilled or talented enough as an excuse to hold you back. When the Eight of Pentacles pop up, my first question is, do you feel worthy of admiration or do feel as though you are an impostor? Especially for women, we are told that unless we are perfect, we shouldn't put ourselves out there. When the Eight of Pentacles appear, it may be a good time to ask yourself if you are letting fear of being imperfect hold you back.

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