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Eight of Cups


The cat stares out at the water as it contemplates its next move. The cups that once held its interest have become boring, and no longer stimulates its active mind. When the Eight of Cups appears, you may be experiencing a desire to move away from a situation that is no longer fulfilling. The spark may be gone in a relationship. You may find it harder to get out bed and off to that "dream" job. You may have matured and your current social circle no longer feels compatible with your passions. Within, you can sense in your heart that there is more out there to explore, and it is time to move on.


The Eight of Cups may indicate physically moving on from a situation, it may also indicate a change from within is necessary. Old ideas or beliefs from the past may have been helpful long ago or allowed you to feel accepted during a time when that benefited you; however, today brings an opportunity to begin a new journey one that starts from within.

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