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Ace of Pentacles


The path to manifesting your dreams is unfolding, and if ever there was a time to have faith in the Universe it is now. The cat of the Ace of Pentacles sets aside any doubt or fear and focuses its energy on utilizing all available resources to draw the bright and shiny pentacle that holds unlimited potential.

When the Ace of Pentacles arrives, take note of your self-talk around a situation. Are you going in with a sense of optimism, or do doom and gloom, control the narrative? Are you taking concrete steps that will help you achieve your goal, or are you letting fantasy lead you to take unproductive risks? You have, at this time, the power to create the situation you desire. The key to manifesting is believing with all your heart that the outcome is already waiting for you. However—it is not going to be delivered. You will need to take steps to reach it. Have faith that when you take action, that the seeds you sow will grow. The end result may not magically appear overnight, but with patience and taking realistic, reasonable action when the time is right, you will be rewarded.

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