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Ace of Cups


Without consciously being aware, too often, our hearts harden by life's events, whether that be a disappointment or a betrayal, and as a result, we become disconnected from the beauty and love the Universe presents to us. The Ace of Cups brings forward the message to tap into your heart, check in with your feelings, and take a moment to focus your energy on all the beauty that is available to you. When we connect with the Ace of Cups energy, we step away from a spectator role and into that of a creator.


You have within you the power to create positive energy, to transform a situation into one that leaves all involved feeling united and empowered by love. When the Ace of Cups appears in a reading, you may want to consider if you are holding on to a grudge, or are you able to forgive? Can you open your heart up to others without fear of being vulnerable?

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