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Public Service Announcement:

There is a company fraudulently running ads on Facebook for my Grimalkin Tarot. The only place to get this deck is through me. Beware of fake sites that are set up to scam you into thinking you are ordering the Grimalkin Tarot. is the only real place to order this deck! 

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The Puuuurrrfect deck for those who want to discover the mysteries of the Tarot through the help of

a feline companion.

Thanks for submitting!

Try out the deck!

Think of a question. Use your mouse to move the cards. Swish them about. Move them around. It is strangely therapeutic to stack them as well. All 80 cards are here, ready to connect with you. When you are ready, double-click on your chosen card.


Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot - Ships LATE FALL/EARLY WINTER 2020

Pre-Order to Guarantee Your Deck. There will be only a limited number of extra decks once I give the final number to the printer.

Independently created and published by the artist. The Grimalkin Tarot will not be available via the big box stores as this deck will not be licensed to a publisher. The Grimalkin Tarot is my baby :-) 

The crows brought the reckoning, the dogs helped us heal, and now in my third deck, I call upon the energy of cats to show us the way to rebirth and resurrection. 

Hello, I am MJ, the creator of the award-winning Crow Tarot! When I launched my second deck the Wise Dog, boy oh boy did I hear from those who prefer their furry companions to be feline! 

The Grimalkin Tarot truly feels like magic. So to that person or persons who cast the spell, who sent the inspiration, I thank you!

About the Grimalkin Tarot:

  • 80 cards 78 that follow the standard Rider-Waite-Smith meanings for each card plus two bonus cards. 

  • Original Art

  • 3x5 cards that have a nice smooth laminated finish. The cards feel like silk in the hands! 

  • Sturdy two-piece box

  • A booklet with the cat names and meanings for each card


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